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Rhion Jones was a Founder Director of The Consultation Institute and has written extensively on all aspects of public consultation. His entertaining presentations and stimulating training courses have assisted thousands of public engagement professionals and enhanced their career prospects.

Running Commentary

20 February

I have just sat in on Community Matters' (the Yorkshire one) webinar session on the current consultation about the Protect Duty Many volunteer-based organisations and churches feel they haven't been hrard on the issue and I expect to blog about it soon


8 February

Couldn't resist posting on LinkedIn this morning having found a great quote from Councillor Ian Boulton of Sth Gloucestershire Council, referring to a recent consultation as a "judicial review avoidance scheme". Brilliant ... but highly debatable ....!


5 February

Just published the February Catch-up. Click here


30th January,

Louise Reeve has highlighted a Guardian article about the 'Barnet graph of doom' and I have reposted on LinkedIn this morning because it's a timely reminder of the gradual squeezing out of 'aspirational consultation' - asking local communities what the most want - and how. See


7th January 

I've just disseminated my Consultation  Catch-up for January. Lots on the key judicial reviews - also my thoughts on 2 education consultations - and Michael Gove's NPPF changes.


27th December

I know its sad, but I spent some of Boxing Day updating my database of consultation-related judicial reviews, and noted that I've studied 20 judgments in 2023 - and provided commentaries on several of them. Now planning to publish my 'Top 10' in the next few days to coincide with announcing some Briefings and Courses through which I can explain their significance to specific audiences.


7th December

With everyone speculating as to whether the Rwanda Bill can be challenged in the Courts, I'm suggesting that a credible stakeholder - maybe Amnesty International could argue that it had a 'legitimate expectation' to be consulted before the Bill was published. Full text of my case is found here


27th November.

An interesting consultation launched in Wales; "Awareness, engagement and representation on community and town councils: call for evidence"  I'm very tempted to have another look!


23rd November

I've posted my 50th Consultation GuRU blog. Almost exactly 12 months since I launched the Site. Thanks to so many who have provided me with encouragement and support.


20 November

The Environment Agency may shortly need to mount much better and more meaningful consultations on river basin management as a result of a successful judicial review, summarised here. Expect a commentary from Consultation GuRU shortly.


15 November

I have published an interesrting conversation with active travel specialist, Paul Murray of Ridge & Partners. Click here to hear his views on the eyebrow-raising Plan for Drivers.


13 November

A recent judgment of the Scottish Court of Session has considered another challenge against a Low-Emission-Zone (LEZ) - this time in Glasgow. Mr Parton claimed, inter alia trhat the consultation qwas unlwful. Lzady Poole declared that it was!


6 November

The environmental capaigner, Chris Packham has announced that he is going mount a legal challenge against the Government's 'U-turn' on the cut-off date for buying diesel/petrol cars. He will argue, inter alia that there should have been a consultation!




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