Of the 600+ articles and papers Rhion has published in the last 20 years, a number appear particularly relevant.


New insights for the interpretation of conflicting consultation responses                           August 2016


The recent Tobacco industry Judicial Review helps us to handle battles between the ‘experts’





To this day, the legal challenge to the Dept of Health when it tried to regulate the packaging of tobacco

products, remains the best exploration of the issues arising when consultors have to evaluate expert responses.
This was Rhion’s analysis.        CLICK HERE



Citizens’ Assemblies – the best form of co-production?

                                            February 2020









This dates from the weeks just before the first pandemic lockdown, when there was a groundswell of enthusiasm for Citizens' Assemblies. Virtual versions took place online, but as social distancing disappears face-to-face events are resuming – especially on issues such as climate change. It’s therefore important to review their role and this article remains relevant.     



Consultation and the Seldom Online

                                                                     June 2020







Lessons from screw-ups

                                                                     Jan 2014









Once in a while, one comes up with a phrase or concept that seems genuinely useful. Just after the first lockdown, amid a frenzy of activity to undertake online what had previously been done in person, I wrote this and received near-record ‘likes’ on the LinkedIn version. Not sure if anything has fundamentally changed but the rationmale holds good



In 2014, Professors Anthony King Ivor Crewe published The Blunders of our Governments – one of the best political books of our time. If ever there was a powerful case for consultation, this was it. The case studies may now be old, but the analysis remains spot-on.