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Rhion is frequently commissioned to write articles or record videos for clients and colleagues.


Here is a selection

Commissioned by Tractivity

January 10 2024

To start the New Year, and to mark some new functionalities added to the Tractivity stakeholder engagement system, I have taken a hard look at the continuing role played by in-person events. The article can be found on the Tractivitty website here

My 5-minute video to accompany this article is found alongside and is called The resurgence of in-person events.

September 17 2023

To co-incide with publishing four new articles in a series called Beyond Stakeholder Mapping, I have recorded a four minute summary which explains why it's time to review the purpose and outputs of such exercises.

The articles are available as follows:

April 20 2023

In my recent blog - Why May elections victors need to be the most consultative Councillors EVER  I suggested that Councils invest in Briefing new elected members properly. In this short video I explain precisely what it is they should hear .....

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April 19 2023

I have prepared a short video for Tractivity about the prevalence of Judicial Review claims in respect of consultations, and the implications for those undertaking stakeholder mnagement. It relates to my Blog earlier in April and available on my blog page 

To watch the Tractivity Video, use this link 


April 5 2023

I had a conversation with Jonathan Bradley, Head of Customer Experience at GRANICUS, about the current engagement and consultations taking place by NHS bodies in England in respect of their FIVE-YEAR PLANS.

This is the informal 10 minute conversation, unabridged, unedited, but hopefully informative!

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Commissioned by Tractivity

NHS Five Year Plans Will Be A Tough Test Of Stakeholder Management

March 2023: In this article, I explain why I think there are ‘delay factors’ that have made many of these exercises barely visible in recent months. However, before the June 30th deadline, I expect increasing controversy to emerge as parts of England realise the full extent of service change that will be necessary.