Five reasons why Sunak should have consulted ….

Posted on 21st September, 2023


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A Quick follow-up to last night’s blog:


If you consult before MAKING policy, should you consult before CHANGING policy?


Under our vague and imprecise system, there was no requirement on Rishi Sunak to have undertaken a public consultation before watering down the petrol/diesel stop-date and other decarbonising measures.
But had he been smart, he would have done so.

My judgement is that had Sunak had the nous to mount a consultation based around "Is this still the best strategy - having regard to the following options ..." he would have:
* Made himself look good in terms of deliberative & evidence-based policy-making.
* Been obliged to conduct a thorough Impact assessment
* Impressed stakeholders (eg the motor industry) with his seriousness of purpose
* Wrong-footed the Opposition (which would have had to come off the fence)
* Avoided Goldsmith-style personal criticism that he is not committed to net zero
... and  much else.

Of course there is a possible explanation. Maybe he wants a public debate – but on his own terms – posing as the Motorists’ friend. And without the rigours of a legally-challengable consultation where misleading statements and pre-determination take you straight to the High Court!

Frankly, I think he's misjudged this one.

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